VUELTA Stage - 16

Diary LA VUELTA 2017 - Stage 16

Hi everybody, good night :) We just arrived at the hotel. Long day trip to LogroƱo. I just did the wound dressing and let's have dinner.

Today's stage was broadcast almost in full and they could see how the leaks are formed and how much time it takes to get into them. The energy to be expended is also high. I got into some, but that did not avenge. When I was avenged, I did not enter. But I was not sad because, after all, I already imagined that today the leaders would want to buy time and that probably would not reach the end in flight ... and it was. Since I was not on the run, I helped my team and I came relatively quiet in the group.

Tomorrow is a day of rest ... it will do us good to rest and recover from the wear and tear that has produced this Vuelta. Let's do a light workout, massage and rest as much as we can. The last week is hard!